Dekor Diaper Pail System used
Diaper Pail XL System
10932 N. 56th Street Tampa, Florida 33617   (813) 983-0617
Original Price: $280.00
OUR PRICE: $99.99
No worries Mom and Dad, we’ve made
disposing of dirty diapers so easy! No
more inserting, twisting or pushing.
The Dékor Diaper Disposal Systems are
truly hands free! Simply step and drop
the dirty diaper into the diaper pail. The
reusable cartridge makes changing
Dékor’s refills quick and easy.
The unique rubber sealed trap door
traps in odors, keeping your nursery
odor-free. There are no batteries or
filters to replace either. The odor
resistant ABS plastic is easy to use and
clean, even using bleach won’t turn the
plastic yellow
Combi Infant Car Seat Resale

The Potty Pager is recommended by
pediatricians and urologists worldwide. It
runs on two AA Lithium batteries, comes
with a 30 day no-questions-asked
money-back guarantee, and a 90 day
replacement warranty. You will know within
the first 30 days whether it is going to work
for your child, because it must wake them to
cure them. Just 3% of our over 80,000
customers report that their bedwetters slept
through the silent alarm, and the Potty
Pager has been clinically proven effective
even for hard-to-reach teen bedwetters. Our
customers report cure times ranging from 12
weeks down to just one night!
Original Price: $160.00 @Toysrus
Our Price: $79.99
Nautica Kids William 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

1- Navy/White Stripe
1- Navy Solid
Walking Wings helps baby learn to walk
balancing more naturally, hands-free, and
experiencing fewer falls. This unique padded
support vest easily fastens around the chest of the
baby and has two adjustable, detachable straps
with padded handles for your comfort. It's
healthier for baby's shoulders (no tugging on little
arms) and kinder to parent’s backs (no more
bending over!). Pediatrician recommended for
babies learning to walk.
Rockin Rider Tek Nek Spring Horse lucky  Resale
Original Price $130.00
Our Price $69.99
Eddie Bauer Shopping Cart Cover Resale

The Sleepy Wrap baby carrier
securely holds your little one
close to you. Our baby wrap is
specially designed for your
baby's first year of life, yet you
may comfortably carry your baby
for as long as you both desire.
Natural sleep solution for your
one size fits all
hands free walking, hiking,
secure comfortable fit
from premature/newborn to
wrapping instructions enclosed
Original Price $40.00
Our Price $19.99
Eddie Bauer Bouncerette Resale
Original Price $80.00
Our Price $49.99
Markdown $39.99
(slight discoloration)
Moby Wrap Preemie to Toddler Carrier
This carrier is a favorite for newborns (preemie to 35 lbs). The Moby
Wrap comes with a instruction booklet. Comfortable for Mom and Baby,
you can carry baby upright, reclining, side sitting, and nursing. The
stretchy fabric feels like a soft t-shirt, is 100% cotton and machine
washable. The Moby Wrap is one piece of material
The design of the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier uses your entire back, as
well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other
carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the
Moby™ Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both
shoulders. It is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear.
Moby Wraps are optimal baby carriers for premature infants but are long
enough to adapt to growing babies up to 35 pounds. Also, Moby Wraps
are high versatile, Baby can be wrapped facing in, out to the world,
sideways or on a parent's back.
(Includes Original Carry Bag and Instruction Booklet)
Baby Kaed Designer resale
Original Price $40.00
Sale $28.00
Our Price $15.99
Primo Eurobath Infant to Toddler Bath Tub
Original Price $30.00
Our Price $14.99
Fisher Price RainForest Bouncer Resale
Original Price $57.00
Our Price $29.99

Nava's Designs"Latte" 4 Piece Set With Quilt

Nava Writz is an award winning designer of custom couture baby
bedding and accessories that create a complete nursery;
capturing the spirit of your baby!
Nava's Designs was founded in 1986 by Writz, a one time sales
associate at "Bellini", a baby bedding and furniture store with locations
in Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills, CA.  Nava brought a flare to nursery
bedding that no one had seen before, truly pioneering the concept of
high end custom “couture baby bedding.”
The Beverly Hills set was already creating a buzz about a woman who
was designing baby bedding and nurseries of the likes that no one had
ever seen before. Upon Nava's very first day in business, she landed her
first account; a retailer called The Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks, CA
They remain her loyal customer to this day!
OUR SET(in Excellent Condition) INCLUDES:
* Comforter, Bumper Guard, Bed Skirt, Pillow Sham,
PackNPlay/Cradle Comforter
Willing to ship: Continental US
Original Price $1160.00
Our Price $299.99
Juicy Couture Handbags

Soft, comfortable, nontoxic foam material-Durable and
easy to clean-Enables babies to sit upright all by
themselves! *Never use on a raised or uneven surface,
as a car seat, in a bath or in other water. Bumbo
should only be used on a flat ground level surface. Do
not use until your baby is fully able to support its head.
Squad Helmet
Original Price $100.00
Our Price $39.99

•150 heavy gauge interlocking steel coils are heat-
tempered for strength and durability. Interlocking
coil system provides firm, even support
•As your toddler becomes more active, all-around
border rods keep the sides, corners and edges firm--
just like an adult mattress
•Two non-allergenic sleeping layers give your baby
comfort and support
•Reinforced laminate cover resists stains and
moisture. Mattress wipes clean with a damp cloth
•Mattress also fits toddler bed frames
•Entire mattress is phthalate and flammability
compliant and does not contain toxic fire retardants
Original Price $120.00
Sale Price $85.00
Our Price $59.99
Wrapped in
Original Plastic
Kolcraft BabySoft
Crib/Todder Mattress
Fisher Price® Precious Planet™
Happy Giraffe Bouncer
Original Price $100.00
Sale Price $71.00
Our Price $34.99
3pc Cradle Bedding
"Tiger Lily"

  • Comforter
  • Bumper Guard
  • Fitted Sheet
Radio Flyer Inch Worm
SleepSack® Swaddle

The ORIGINAL SleepSack® Wearable Blanket
now with an adjustable, removable swaddle
feature. The 2-in-1 SleepSack Swaddle hugs
your baby to prevent the startle reflex, allowing
your little one to sleep more soundly. The
SleepSack Swaddle replaces loose blankets for
safer sleep and allows your baby to stay safe,
warm and cozy all night long.
It's the only product that carries seals from
leading SIDS organizations in the U.S.
Original Price $30.00
Our Price $14.99
PRIMO EuroBath
Infant & Toddler Bathtub
Splish! Splash! PRIMO’s EuroBath Infant and Toddler Bath Tub makes bath time
safe, fun and convenient for both mom and baby. With its distinctive anatomical
shape, your baby will be in the ultimate bathing position. With a stylish, reliable
and safe design, your baby will be safely cuddled, without worry of slipping under
the water. It includes a built-in drain and two areas for soap, shampoo and a
sponge. Plus the EuroBath can be hung on a wall or door hook in your bathroom,
saving you storage space. PRIMO’s EuroBath Infant and Toddler Bath Tub is the
largest baby bath available. It measures 36” long x 21” wide by 10” deep.  BPA
Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free. Made in the USA.
Lightweight and made with a soft 3D mesh
designed by BABYBJORN® the BABYBJORN®
Baby Carrier Air provides up to 138% better heat
reduction and 30% better moisture reduction
compared to other baby carriers. Indoors or
outdoors, warm or cool weather, the combination of
three breathable mesh fabrics keeps both you and
your baby more cool and comfortable while still
providing important parent-child closeness. This
light and sporty design was recently recognized
with a 2006 Innovation Award from The Juvenile
Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
Nautica Kids William
4 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Original Price $75.00
Our Price $11.99
Potty Pager Alarm
Diaper Dude Diaper Bag
Original Price $60.00
Our Price $29.99
STEP 2 Lift & Hide
Bookcase Storage Chest

•Bookcase holds books up to 10" and features a
back panel to prevent items from falling behind
•Large display shelf above bookcase
•Storage chest features permanently attached
lid that slides up and stays safely out of the way
•Over 5 1/2 cubic feet of storage space
Original Price $90.00
Our Price $39.99
Original Price $40.00
Our Price $19.99
Auqa Baby Bath Ring

This ring seat is the perfect solution for safely
and securely bathing a baby that is just
beginning to sit up. The rounded shape gently
holds baby, yet leaves freedom of movement.
Seat is non-slip with a high contoured back for
extra support. Extra large suction cups offer
excellent stability and six legs screw-fit into the
bath ring so you can adjust the ring to fit the
shape of your bath. Not suitable for non-slip
surfaces. Ages 7 months to 16 months. Baby's
weight not to exceed 28 pounds.
Aqua Baby Bath Ring
Original Price $30.00
Our Price $16.99
*Like New*
The first Years Baby moniotr resale
Original Price $32.00
Our Price $17.99
Original Price $20.00@TARGET
Our Price $10.99
Great Condition!
handysitt portable wooden highchair
Original Price $40.00
Our Price $19.99
1 Blue Alphabet
Patchwork Design
Original Price 6PC Set  $200.00
Original Price Mobile  $42.00
Total Original Price $242.00
Our Price  $109.99
*Excellent Condition*

Go Baby Go!™ Bounce & Spin

This lively zebra really encourages baby’s physical
development through bouncing, spinning, and
having a ball! Fun sounds, delightful songs and
dancing lights reward movement while enhancing
baby’s eye-hand coordination, motor skills, balance
and coordination as he bounces and spins. The
wide, sturdy base offers stability, and the easy-grip
handlebar features busy activities for added fun.
Requires 3 “AAA” batteries. (added for you!)
Original Price $45.00@Toysrus
Our Price $19.99
(Batteries added for you by Comfy Kids!)
Peg Perego Pliko Stroller resale
Original Price $326.00
Our Price $179.99
HotSlings Sling Carrier

1-Size: Med/Lrg 5'2''-6', 151-180 lbs
Like New Original Packaging
1- Size XS/SML 5'0''-5'8'' 110-140 lbs
Not Org Pkg $19.99
HotSlings Baby Carrier Hemp Orgainic Cotton Resale
Original Price $50.00
Our Price $25.99
Original Price $90.00
Our Price $39.99

With a bit of a squeeze on his hand, he launches
into a song full of animatronic dancing and kicks.
While younger fans may find Tigger's moves
intimidating, older kids, especially Winnie-the-Pooh
fans, will get a huge kick out of him.
Get Up Bounce Tigger
Original Price $30.00
Our Price $9.99 Batteries Included
Get Up Bounce Tigger
Original Price $110.00
Our Price $69.99
Bedtime Butterfly Kisses
5pc Crib Bedding Set
Original Price $95.00
Our Price $39.99
Original 3PC Set
  • Comforter
  • Bumper
  • Fitted Sheet
Org $50.00
walking wings walkingwings
Similac Advance Infant Formula
with Iron 12.9 oz

many cans  & types of formula
-  exps 2012 & 2013
(verified safe from recent recall)
Original Price $15.00
Our Price $5.99
Here's a small sample of items we currently have available in our store!
Original Price $180.00 @Target
Our Price $99.99
Markdown $69.99   (Missing valance)
HELMENT KBS VR-2 Gunslinger Resale Consignment
Original Price MSRP
Sale $150.00
Our Price $79.99
tiddliwinks sage safari crib bedding resale consignment
Original Price $85.00@Target SALE $75.00
Our Price $45.99 (Like New)
Original Price $150.00
Our Price $79.99
(Original Package) *LIKE NEW*
power wheels resale
Peg Perego Resale
Original Price $200.00
Our Price $99.99

Sturdy wood chair converts to a handy step stool in just seconds!
This convertible wooden chair offers a comfy place to rest. But
when something is out of reach, just flip over the seat to create
an instant three-step ladder. Its classic, timeless design
complements any décor. Already assembled—so put your tools
away! Manufactured in solid pine in the USA. Choose one of the
three handsome colors:
Original Price $200.00
Our Price $99.99
Original Price $40.00
Our Price  $14.99, blue, green, pink
Fisher Price Little Superstar Jammin Band Musical Microphone Play Resale Toys
extra $10
Internet price
Combi Baby Products Resale
Original Price $150.00 @Toysrus
Our Price $69.99
Original Price $268.00
Our Price $99.99
Handbag Diaper Bag Baby Kaed Sheri Night Resale
Original Price $51.00
Our Price $26.99
Surprise! It's the top secret tenth anniversary Elmo. Why
the big secret? It's part of the celebration of the tenth
anniversary of Tickle Me Elmo's debut. The top secret
edition is called TMX Elmo, with the X representing the
number ten. Ten years ago, everyone's favorite Sesame
Street character made history as one of the most
sought-after toys of all time. The toy caused a frenzy,
with anxious toy shoppers waiting for hours in long lines
when they heard news of a new shipment.
Grab him while you can. BOX INCLUDED!
Our Price $39.99
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
Original Price $45.00
Our Price $19.99
Role-playing helmet and
steering wheel controller
puts kids in the driver’s
seat like a real race car
driver while encouraging
get-up-and-go activity!
Interactive play inspired
by 30 different mission
Ages 3 and up.
Batteries added for you!

The New Native Baby Carrier is comfortable, easy-to-use,
and practical. With its lightweight, and ability to be folded up
for easy carrying, this sling can go wherever you go. The
New Native Baby Carrier is an also ideal to place for moms to
put their baby while discreetly nursing. The wide carrier strap
provides great back support, and can be repositioned to allow
moms (or dads!) to carry the baby in several different
positions.This 100 percent cotton sling is a quick and
easy-to-use sling for newborns through 35 lbs.
New Native Baby Carrier
Size: Small
Original Price$40.00
Our Price $19.99
*Instructions Included for you.
Nautica Resale
BabyBjorn Baby Carrier
Air - Grey/White, Mesh

Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat -
Combi's Shuttle Infant Seat is a lightweight and
portable car seat that includes an anti-rebound bar
for improved safety. This great infant seat has a
rear-face capacity from birth to 22 lbs. And up to 29
inches long. The Shuttle is compatible with the
Flare, Cosmo, Twin Sport, Flash EX and the Helio
Lifestyle strollers. The Shuttle features a no re-thread
harness height adjustment system, improved
adjustable canopy, energy absorbing seat base,
latch equipped with latch storage area in base,
one-pull harness adjustment, level indicator, 2-piece
chest clip, adjustable ergonomically designed
handle with color coordinating grip and
removable/reversible infant padding.
Inch Worm
This award-winning Snuzzler provides the ideal
support for baby's back and head, adjusting upward
as baby grows. The unique contours work well with
all harness systems and the Snuzzler transfers
easily to provide support for baby in car seats,
strollers, jogging stroller and swings. With padding
only on the sides, not behind baby, the Snuzzler
does not interfere with the safety of car seat
harnesses. The Snuzzler reverses from plush velboa
to smooth woven fabric for two distinct looks.
•Crash-tested for safety •Fits all harness systems
•Adds support to car seats, joggers, strollers,
bouncer seats, backpacks, swings and bike trailers
•Soft body support cushions provide ideal support
for proper posture
•Separate head support adjusts upward as baby
grows for a custom fit
•Head support can also be used on its own
•Machine washable
(Great Condition)
Original Price $40.00
Our Price $19.99
Batteries Included!
Give your baby the pleasure of a clean
space in shopping carts and restaurant high
chairs. This convenient shopping cart cover
easily converts into a tote bag so you can
just throw it over your shoulder and go.
Features include adjustable, padded
shoulder harness, extra padding for the back
area, padded leg holes, zippered pocket and
loops to attach toys or teether.
Original Price
Our Price
*Like New*
In Org Pkg
Two Receiver
With 49 MHz technology, lightweight portability and sound
lights that let you see the activity level of your baby, The
First Years Two Receiver Monitor enables you to enjoy
peace of mind when you are away from baby. For added
convenience, included are two receivers so you can keep
each receiver in a different room or so two listeners can
have a monitor handy at all times. AA batteries not
included; complete usage instructions inside.
  • Musical Mobile
Org $25.00 @Walmart
  • Crib skirt
Org $20.00
Cocalo Sugar Plum 6PC Crib Bedding Set
& Matching Musical Mobile
BEDDING:This stunning collection inspired by the beauty of nature
features a unique combination of textured fabrics including corduroy,
sherpa, felt, plaids, stripes, and beautiful floral prints in plum, pink, green
and ivory. The lightweight quilt, bumper and accessories are
embellished with adorable dimensional butterflies and flower appliqués
and accented with organza and plum & green ribbon details.Set
•Dust Ruffle •Fitted Sheet •Bumper - 10" tall with 9" ties •Quilt - •Diapers
Stacker •Window Valance
MUSICAL MOBILE: The Cocalo Sugar Plum mobile features a check
tent with stripe trim and a matching mobile arm cover. Four purple
butterflies hang down and they are sure to delight and enchant your little
girl. Plays the song, "Rock A Bye Baby."
Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat - Serengetti
#1 rated infant car seat
For weights between 5 and 22 pounds (2.2 and 10kg.)
heights of 28.5 inches or less (72.4cm)
5-point safety harness; easy one-hand harness adjustment;
push-button release
4-position push-button height adjustable base with level
indicator for proper installation
Height-adjustable seat back; no harness rethreading
One-hand easy-access seat release
EPS energy-absorbing foam for superior side impact head
Smooth carrying handle, won't scratch your arm
Boot providing extra warmth and comfort
Flex-Loc refers to the base's flexible (not rigid) latch straps  
Dimension 16.5"W x 26"L x 25"H
WeightCar Seat: 9.45 lbs Base: 6 lbs  
Recommended Use
Weight: 5~22 lbs
Height: up to 28.5"
Fisher Price
Little Superstar
Jammin Band
(Batteries (4AA) added for you by Comfy Kids!)
Little stars can sit and play, then move on to a stand-up performance with rewarding
music, sounds and phrases resounding from the interactive microphone. !The real working
microphone amplifies baby’s voice, lights up, and even responds with encouraging
phrases. Features 6 sing-along songs and 4 karaoke tunes, plus a “build a song” mode.
Migi "Sweet" 6pc Bedding Set
• Decorate Baby’s room with a vintage floral look
• Includes 200-thread-count comforter, fitted sheet,
bumper, crib skirt, diaper stacker and window valance
• Bedding fits standard crib mattresses measuring
• Part of the MiGi crib bedding collection (each item sold
• Machine wash
Helps keep baby safe from
germs - covers all sides of
shopping cart seat. 100%
machine washable - just
toss in laundry when dirty.
Soft and Colorful - baby will
love riding in pillow-soft
comfort.. Easy to use -
Patented Design - elastic
perimeter quickly slips onto
any size cart. High chair
cover - use in restaurants
too.  Safe - Comes with it's
own safety belt.
Instructions Included & provided by Comfy Kids for you!
Tiddliwinks Sage Safari 4pc Crib Bedding Set
•Soothing neutral tones enlivened with fun jungle characters
make Baby’s room special
•Set includes comforter, bumper, sheet and dust ruffle
•Quilt and bumper have friendly appliquéd and embroidered
jungle animals
•Coordinates with other Tiddliwinks Sage Jungle nursery
collection (sold separately)
•Made of cotton/polyester; machine wash Includes:
Quilt/Coverlet, Bumper, Fitted Sheet, Dust Ruffle
Super Soft Feel!!!
"BRIGHT BUTTERFLY" 4pc Crib Bedding Set
Turn your baby’s nursery into a butterfly garden! Catch your
baby girl’s eyes with the brightly-colored and whimsical
butterfly theme featured in this 6 piece Bright Butterfly crib set
by Lambs & Ivy. Awash in shades of pinks with a white
backdrop, this set uses gentle accents of orange, mint green
and yellow to create a little girl’s fairytale garden. This baby
bedding set will serve as a fun, pink-inspired focal point for a
little girl’s nursery room. This entertaining crib bedding set
comes with the following: a patchwork butterfly Wall
Hanging/Comforter , a pink frilly dust ruffle, a butterfly motif
coordinating sectional crib bumper, a fitted crib sheet with
miniature butterflies made from 100% cotton.
Bambo Belly Bandit
Our best selling eco-friendly Bamboo Belly
Bandit®  is inherently antibacterial*; moisture
wicking*, and three times more durable than
cotton. Bamboo is a sustainable crop that requires
no pesticides; fungicides; herbicides, or additional
water. Fabric made from Bamboo is one of the
softest; all natural; and GREENEST fibers around.
Being earth-friendly never felt so good! Our  
Bamboo Belly Bandit®  is made for the "green"
mom who spares no expense for the environment,
or her comfort. Ecological; smart; unbeaten, and
all together our comfy coziest!
Musical Motion Activity Jumper
Your baby will jump with delight
Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.

•Four activity stations surround baby including:
•Electronic piano with lights and 7 melodies - 2
play modes and volume control
•Frog spinner with baby-safe mirror and bead
•Caterpillar stalk toy rotates and has spinning
•Sun teether stalk toy
•8 Baby Einstein links
•Additional loops to attach
more of baby's favorite toys
Original Price $100.00
Our Price $49.99
Rockin Rider Tek Nek Spring Horse -
The Tek Nek Rockin' Rider Lucky Deluxe Talking
Plush Spring Horse will keep your child entertained
for hours and will instantly become your child's new
favorite friend. The soft, cuddly plush design
appeals to both parents and children, and its
moving mouth with four talking phrases will grab
your child's attention. This pony can sing the cute
song "I'm a little Pony" for your child to sing along to,
while whinny, galloping and snorting sound effects
give the pony a realistic feel. A strong steel frame
with a wide, stable stance ensures your child's
safety, and the three-position stirrups can be
adjusted as your child grows. The easy-grip
handles give your child added security while he or
she is bouncing on the horse, and a detailed,
colorful saddle features the name "Lucky"
embroidered on the side.
Assembled dimensions: 40"L x 24"W x 38"H
Saddle height: 26"
Weight limit: 65 lbs.
Eddie Bauer Shopping Cart Cover
Eddie Bauer Soothing
Comfort Bouncenette
The Eddie Bauer Soothing Comfort Bouncenette
provides the ultimate in relaxation for baby, indoors
and outdoors. The subdued cream color is sure to
complement your nursery. Soothing music, two-
speed vibration and 3 soft toys are included to
entertain and comfort your little one.
The adjustable safety restraint holds your little one
securely in its 2-position plush quilted seat. The
gentle bouncing motion, 2-speed vibration, and real
nature sounds of the baby bouncer calm and
soothe. You will be amazed at the freedom this
product will allow you and the independence it will
provide for your baby!
Product Features
•Two-Speed vibration •Gentle bouncing motion
•Two Nature sounds •Three soft toys attached
•2-Position soft quilted seat •Double canopy
•Adjustable safety restraint •Folds up compactly
•For infants weighing up to 25 pounds
Fisher Price RainForest Bouncer
(Batteries added for you by Comfy Kids!)
A tree frog and a monkey play peek-a-boo in the leaves
near a sparkling waterfall. A toucan moves back & forth
overhead. All the wonders of the rainforest are captured
for your little one in this amazing bouncer. Baby bats at
the hanging toys to activate the light-up waterfall and
peek-a-boo action, accompanied by rainforest songs &
sounds. Or, Mom can activate for continuous play! After
a day of rainforest adventure, turn on the bouncer’s
calming vibrations and your little one is ready to relax in
this comfy chair.Requires 4 “D” alkaline batteries (not
included). Weight Limit: 25 lbs
Travel System Resale Chicco Key-fit Stroller Cortina Discovery
Chicco Cortina Travel
System Stroller - Discovery
Original Price $300.00
Our Price $199.99
*Like New*
*Excellent Condition*
LITTLE TIKES Jump & Slide Bouncer
Original Price $250.00
Our Price $150.00
Markdown $99.99
*Slight Stains
Bouncing is what toddlers do and as we
know, they’ll bop and bounce just about
anywhere they can. With the Little Tikes
Jump & Slide Bouncer they get the
“ultimate” bouncing experience,
allowing them to jump around with their
friends until their little hearts are
content. Designed for ages 3 and up, it’
s the perfect, safe playhouse for even
the youngest of kids to play in.
GRACO Pack N Play
PlayYard with Bassinet KIRA
Original Price $110.00@Walmart
Our Price $59.99
Perfect for both home and travel, this
mesh-sided playard sets up in less than a
minute with the push of a button. It
features a full-size bassinet with
comfortable quilted bumper and mattress
pads, changing table, electronic sounds
and songs, soft toys, a nightlight and timer
Capture the essence of an American Classic in your little
dreamers nursery with the Nautica Kids William Infant
bedding collection. This beautiful Infant bedding ensemble
features the quality, design and value that is Nautica. Made
of soft luxurious fabrics fashioned in clean classic colors.
Coordinates with a full line of products. Fits a standard crib
size mattress. Easy care, machine wash dryer safe.
Gender neutral
Classic, tasteful nautical theme crib set
Comforter, crib sheet, bumpers, ruffle skirt
Machine washable
Additional matching accessories available separately
Sheet not included-Set is in Like New Condition-
Matching Night Light & Bear Included!
100% Organic
Cotton Hemp
Modern yet timeless, the Everyday Collection
features wearable fabrics, go-anywhere patterns
and all the latest colors of the season. Pair them
with your favorite casual clothing as a bold
statement piece or an understated accessory.
Recommended for babies 8 pounds to 35
pounds. Original Hotslings leg padding. 43%
Hemp, 54% Organic Cotton, 3% Lycra® Slings
are machine wash cold; hang to dry.
BananaFish Bubblegum Crib Bedding Resale Resale
Original Total Price 185.00
Our Price $89.99
*Crib Sheet Not Included,
Slight Fading on Comforter
Vibrant and colorful, the Bubble Gum
Collection includes furniture that is certain to
enhance your baby's nursery with cheerful
exuberance.The Bubble Gum collection
features a bubble print with a raspberry cord
and kiwi flange combination, perfect for your
baby s bedroom.

•Bubble print with a raspberry cord and kiwi
flange combination
•Made from 100pct cotton
•Machine Washable
•Set includes quilt, crib sheet, bumper, and
dust ruffle
•Quilt reverses from raspberry fabric center
with bubble print outer edge to multi-stripe
•Crib Sheet features a soft peach percale
•Bumper features a bubble print with a
raspberry cord and kiwi flange combination
and multi-striped ties, and reverses to a
simple bubble print.
•Awning-style Dust Ruffle has a multi-color
striped pattern with kiwi flange and a
raspberry border
BananaFish Bubblegum
Crib Bedding Set, 4pc Set
  • Original Box
  • Excellent
Walking Wings
Original Price $25.00
Our Price $12.99
Item Description..
Keep baby entertained during mealtime
with the Fisher-Price Healthy Care
Rainforest High Chair. This playful
Rainforest high chair features fun toys
and sounds that are sure to delight baby.

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Rainforest
High Chair:

•Features music, lights and sounds
•Tethered toy stays on the tray
•Single-hand tray removal
•Easy-to-clean strap and pad system
•Rainforest High Chair has 7 height
•Healthy Care Insert Tray is
•Maximum weight capacity: 50 lbs
•Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
(*Batteries added for you by Comfy Kids!!)
KidsLine 6pc Crib Bedding-Zanzibar
This fun crib bedding in shades of
green and neutral is populated by
animal favorites such as giraffes,
zebras, turtles, and more. This crib
bedding will make the nursery a
welcome place for your new bundle of
joy. Includes quilt, bumper, Bed Skirt, 3
fitted sheets, diaper stacker.

Added Musical Mobile Org $30.00
Original Price $140.00
Our Price $69.99
*Excellent Condition*
: Retractable car seat anchors to instantly
attach matching Peg Perego car seat (sold
separately) (includes strap to attach other
manufacturers' car seats) 5-point freedom of
movement harness for security and well-being
of the child Built-in rear footboard provides
safe ride for 2nd passenger Adjustable water
bottle holder to accommodate larger bottles
Large removable and adjustable hood with
window Child's tray that can be opened or
removed completely Spacious basket All-wheel
suspension, swivel front wheels, new
"one-touch" rear wheel brakes 4-position
backrest, two position footrest Strong,
lightweight aluminum frame Handle for carrying
when folded Removable, hand washable
upholstery JPMA safety certified Made in Italy
Belly Bandit Resale Consignment
Instead of a hard-plastic booster, the Cooshie is
made of foam that is firm yet lightweight and
comfortable. The foam is slide-proof, and therefore
won't move around on chairs. It is does not absorb
spills and wipes clean. Seat is easy to take along,  
Measures 6 1/2" H x 15" W x 14" D.
Ages 1 year to 4 years.
Original  $66.00 plus shipping
OUR PRICE $29.99
The classic Inchworm springs back into
action to entertain a new generation of
children! Parents will remember this classic
design with the adorable, friendly face that
encourages kids to take part in active play
through a bounce-and-go motion. With an
ergonomic saddle, integrated footrest and
a comfortable heart-shaped handle,
children will inch and bounce all day long.
The Inchworm measures 34" x 15" x 6.5"
and weighs 8 lbs.
Bananaish BubbleGum Crib Mobile Resale
ORG $50.00 @ComfortFirst
ORG $171.00 @Walmart
Original Price $50.00
sale Price $46.00
Our Price $26.99
*Like New Condition*
VR-2 Gunslinger
* Tri Composite Aramid Epoxy Shell * Bag molded for consistent
shell quality * Reduced shell dimensions * Aerodynamic shell
stability styling * Racing Vision Eyeport opening * New 2.2mm
scratch resistant shield * New KBC Ultra Quick Shield Mechanism *
Totally new fitment platform * Totally new interior lining design for
comfort and noise reduction * New controllable Air Ventilation
System * Meets or exceeds SNELL and DOT standards
Your child will love the feeling of indenpendance
when driving around inside or out in this almost new
battery powered "Scoop" ride on toy, made by Peg
Perego. It comes already assembled and fully
charged - just hop on and let the adventures begin!!!
Kids can climb off the tractor and play with the
backhoe attachment
Seat adjusts for growing legs
Operates at 2.25 MPH indoors or outside on smooth
level grass and comes with automatic brakes
Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 2 Years and Up
Part of our Baby Classics collection, this version of the
DuoGlider LXI is the perfect solution for getting two little
ones around town. And if you're the proud parent of two
infants you'll love that both the front and rear seats are
compatible with our SnugRide® infant car seat. Both seats
recline for added comfort and the rear seat reclines fully
flat for maximum infant support. Medium weight and easy
to handle, this double stroller navigates nicely through
doors and down narrow store aisles. Elevated seating
provides plenty of leg room for everyone and a good view.
Plus there's an extra large storage basket, a great place to
keep baby gear and a parent organizer tray for mom and
dad's stuff. And when the day is done, the DuoGlider
stroller’s one hand fold allows for quick and convenient
The Peanut Shell - Blue Swirl
Original Price $65.000
Sale Price $39.00
Our Price $20.99
The Peanut Shell's cotton stretch, single layer slings (97%
Cotton and 3% Spandex) give like a pair of stretch jeans.
Their original line of slings come with light leg padding
on the inside rail, and a pocket for essentials.
•Color: Blue
Size: Small / Medium sizes
•Material: 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex
•Gives like pair of stretch jeans
•Six safe carrying positions
•Perfect for preemie to preschooler
•Padded rails for baby's comfort
•Lightweight for moms comfort
•Easy to use and put on
•Breastfeeding friendly
•Comes with light leg padding
on the inside rail, and a double pocket for
•Machine washable
"PETALS" 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set,
ORG$ 180.00
Plus: Lamp & Shade, Musical Mobile,
Decorative Pillow, Fleece Blanket,
3PC Wall Plaques
Original Total Price $320.00
Our Price $149.99
*Excellent, Like Brand New,
Original Packaging*
Lamp & Shade
Org $40.00
Musical Mobile
Org $43.50
Decorative Pillow
Org $15.00
3PC Wall Plaques
Org $30.00
The Petals 6 piece Crib
Bedding set includes:
comforter, bumper, dust ruffle,
fitted sheet, diaper stacker,
and valance. The comforter
measures 35" by 43.5". The
bumper is 10" high with single
ties on each corner, and 5
sets of double ties along the
top and bottom. The dust ruffle
has a 15" drop, and the fitted
sheet is designed to fit a
standard size 28" x 52" crib
mattress. The valance
measures 60" across with a
14.5" drop. The diaper stacker
is 11" x 25" and is 8" deep.
The comforter, bumper, diaper
stacker and fitted sheet are
made from 100% cotton. The
dust ruffle drop is made of
60% cotton, 25% polyester,
15% polyamide. The center of
the dust ruffle is made of
100% olefin. The valance is
made from 60% cotton, 25%
polyester, 15% polyamide.
Care instructions: machine
wash warm, use only
non-chlorine bleach when
necessary, and tumble dry low.
Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe Light and Music Activity
Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe
Light and Music Activity Gym
Original Price $70.00
Our Price $39.99*,**
*Like New*
Original Package
Peg Perego Pliko Stroller
Also a
The Chicco Cortina Travel System with Discovery pattern includes
the Cortina Stroller and the KeyFit Infant Car Seat so your child will
be traveling in style, on foot or by car. The car seat is loaded with
safety features, including energy-absorbing foam for improved
side-impact protection, a removable newborn insert and a 5-point
harness. And your child will love riding around in the Cortina
Stroller, featuring a multiposition, flat-recline seat, adjustable leg
support, removable canopy and all-wheel suspension. For smaller
babies, the car seat fits securely into the stroller so you and baby
can catch some fun on the run right away.

The KeyFit Infant Car Seat secures baby from 4 to 22 lbs. The
Cortina Stroller is designed for use from birth to 50 lbs.
Batteries Included for you by Comfy Kids!
Batteries Included for you by Comfy Kids!
Baby Kaed Designer
Fabulous Black leather bag
2 front flap pockets and 1 zippered pocket
1 back pocket; 5 interior pockets and 2
side bottle pockets
This bag also comes with detachable
shoulder straps
Accessories galore: changing mat,
zippered pouch, drawstring mess bag,
pacifier pouch, key clip, wipes case, cell
phone pocket and duster bag
W 15" x H 10" x D 6"
GRACO Baby Classics™
DuoGlider™ LXI 7947NGS
Double Stroller
Fisher-Price -
Rainforest Healthy
Care High Chair
Batteries added for you by ComfyKids!
Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier resale
Original Price $200.00
Our Price $69.99